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Im a personal trainer and fitness model. I recently competed in my first show and came 2nd in the my category.

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However i haven’t always been in this shape, my journey didnt start out like that. It has been more of a transformation…For most of my life i suffered from anxiety, depression and body confidence issues, that all started at a very young age. Sports were always a release for the anguish I endured as a kid, rugby in particular. It was my forte, so much so that i got selected to play for a semi professional club in Italy, when i was 18. That wasn’t to be my path…

Soon after getting accepted I crashed my motorbike, rupturing my kidney and my spleen, leaving me unable to play again. I no longer had a release and  turned to partying all the time and burning the candle at both ends, mainly to forget about how much i disliked myself. As my personal life spiralled out of control so did my physical health, at my biggest i was 19st (266 lbs) and i stayed that way for 16 years until I had had enough and decided make a change, and i haven’t looked back since.

Its taken me 2 years to get to where i am now but I have never felt better in myself, im free of anxiety, depression and my old lifestyle (if you could call it that) ready to help people realise their full potential.

My motto is a simple one…


Nothing good in life comes easy, it requires sacrifice. My journey is testament to that…

I am also fluent in French, Italian and competent in Spanish.

My goal is change people’s lives through fitness and coaching, using my experience as a guiding tool.

I very much look forward to hearing from you soon

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