Sponsored Athlete Invitation

Congrats! If you’re seeing this page it means you were hand picked to represent our brand. Our sponsorships are 100% free and don’t require any shady purchases or legionnaire programs.

Our goal is to help you along your fitness journey by adding more exposure and future sponsorships from other companies. The majority of our sponsored athletes land numerous sponsorships, and we don’t see why that couldn’t be you aswell!

We will increase your exposure by promoting your fitness journey. That being said, we do have some requirements we require from all of our Gym Models Sponsored Athletes in return. If you cannot meet these requirements, please do not apply to be a Gym Models Athletes.

  1. Fitness Profile – You must have created a Fitness Profile from our site in order for you to be listed in the Sponsored Athletes section.
  2. Instagram Branding – You must include “@gymmodelscom Sponsored Athlete” in your instagram bio. When we post and promote your profile, its important everyone sees that you are a verified athlete.
  3. Instagram Tagging – You must tag us in a minimum of 2 posts per week. These can include story mentions, @gymmodels or using #gymmodelscom

As a Sponsored Athlete, you are free to use any of our branding, images and social media to add legitimacy to your journey. Below is our Verified Sponsored Athlete Logo which you may download and place on to of any of your fit pics!

If you agree to these terms, then we are excited to welcome you to the Gym Models team! Click Here to Create Your Fitness Profile

Once you have finished, tag us in your first pic so can welcome you to the team!

Don’t give any of these links, images or information to anyone else as it’s only for our handpicked Athletes. Thanks again. We are happy to have you with us!