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I’m Phillip.  Approximately 40 months ago I was playing with my health as I packed on enough weight to tip the scales at approximately 257 lbs.  This was attributed to my addiction to the wrong kinda foods mainly fast and processed.  It took a physical check up to find out my blood pressure was about 170/110 and my Dr telling me he was surprised I hadn’t keeled over and died yet.  Plus I was playing with the diabetic red line and it didn’t help that I was around 53 years old too.

Fast forward, I’m 57, I walk around 185-190 and I have no problem cutting to 180-183 for those special eating occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas etc…Now I’m not at my ideal body fat index however you couldn’t tell by looking at my legs and arms.  I want to say I’m kinda shredded in those area’s however I’m no expert, just a dude who eats cleaner, works out 4-5 times per week using body weight, kettlebells, resistance  bands, TRX and HIIT.  I dabble in some light sparring, boxing, kickboxing and heavy bag work.

I’m into Personal Development, reading about people who have over come the impossible and hope to inspire those who are looking to get physically fit.  I’m finding my inspiration from people like David Goggins and Eric Thomas currently although you can youtube thousands of people like them.  These two just happen to be my flavor so to speak.

My current challenges are getting back to the shape I was before my 2 rotator cuff surgeries within the last 15 months.  I’m almost there I can see and feel that I’m almost there.  I envision it quite a bit.  I no longer take my health for granted, I’m blessed everyday that I can wake up workout and get on with life on the daily.


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