Maurice Baker

In a world full of a Gorilla!

I was always the fat kid. My family nicknamed me “Chubby” because of my roundness. I was happy on the inside but crying in the inside. Food was my outlet and it never judged me or made me feel alone…but this done nothing for me but made me fatter. I topped out at 327 with little muscle mass…I felt that I could not do anything anymore. Until a friend helped me boost my self-esteem and I decided to take control of my eating and body. I started my fitness journey in October of 2016…the first 3 months were a chore and was not seeing results…until I watched “My Magnificent Obsession by C.T. Fletcher…I went harder…two weeks later,  I weighed myself on the scale and saw I was at 257…then, I started to notice my Traps rise, my delts and arms start to form. From there, I chased more results, they came…and the chase became an obsession. Now, I am at 227 and preparing for my first Physique Show in June 2018. The NPC West Coast Classic…a huge event for my first show…and I am not afraid. I am more excited than anything. Then after my show, I am going to focus on Powerlifting and competing in my first meet at the by my 40th birthday. From there, I want to become a Powerlifting/Physique competitor and make a name for myself in the world of fitness. I have grinded my whole life…why not grind at something I love? I rather wake up in the morning to workout for a competition and guide others in their fitness journey than waking up working at a place you hate. Fitness has changed my body…now, I want it to change my life.

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Redlands CA US
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