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I remember the first day 18 Dec 2012  when I entered the  gym.


I was diagnosed from hyper thyroid and because of that gained body weight, I used to work as a Sr. Hr in a very gud reputed company but bcoz of my health issue i quit my job and started new journey of my life. ●  What inspired me to achieve my goal?
➡️A friend once challenged me and kind of bullied me in front of other people by saying that I m looking like a aunty and now I will look like  that for my entire life and that set fire in me to prove the world wrong.
●  My eating habits before and after
➡️Before: I never had a eating schedule used to eat all the unhealthy food like burgers, rolls, ice cream , cake almost everything,used to eat anything without seeing the nutrional value of the food
➡️ After :  now I eat according to my plan I follow sometime I follow moderate carbs diet sometime low crabs and now a days I m on keto so follow my plan according to that. I check that my meal must have balanced portion of protein ,carbs , fat
●  my workout plan
➡️I workout twice in a day , morning Cardio with few stretching exercises and evening heavy weight exercise according to my designed workout schedule mostly two body parts exercise in a day.
●  From XXL to S – how does it feel?
➡️From xxl to s it feel amazing because now I feel healthy internally and externally both . More confident than before I used to hide behind camera when I was over weight and now I am  very confident in front of camera
●  the attitude of people towards me changed?
➡️I feel like myself after achieving my target .Yes definitely people attitude towards me have changed now they get inspired from me and start taking care of them and ask me tips . As now  I post more about my fitness journey, other girls started to ask for help this is the biggest changed in attitude of people towards me and it inspired me alot.

Now I work as a freelancer sports nutritionist and personal trainer provide online coaching and nutritional based diet plan for healthy body transformation.

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