How to Get Sponsored – Athletes & Fitness Models

Learn How to Become a Sponsored Athlete in the Fitness Industry

Picture yourself standing on stage knowing you didn’t pay to enter the show, or for tanning, or for travel, or for your NPC card. Imagine a shipment of free supplements showing up at your door every month. Think about walking into the gym dressed in the latest workout gear you got for free.

Whether you are a competing athlete, or an aspiring fitness model, a sponsorship would take you to that next level. What is surprising is that most models haven’t the slightest clue as to what it takes to become a sponsored athlete.  Many assume that sponsors are only looking for that “famous athlete” – That couldn’t be further from the truth.  In reality, it’s all about EXPOSURE.

This article on how to get sponsored (for athletes and fitness models) will give you the best shot at obtaining a dream sponsor.  Ready to Start? Get Exposure by Creating Your Athlete Listing Now.



  1. Why Do Brands Sponsor Athletes & Fitness Models?

Regardless of what kind of company is offering the sponsorship, their main purpose is to generate revenue. Brands use Sponsored athletes to market their product or service. The fitness models they sponsor are usually part of their target audience.

Yes, bigger brands spend a fortune on the well-known athletes. However, sponsoring an up and coming fitness model usually delivers a better bang for their buck.  There are plenty of brands looking for sponsors, and not just ones after the beach babes. They may need a tall, attractive male that is fit, but doesn’t intimidate the customers. Maybe it’s a hair brand wanting for a fit lumberjack to showcase their new beard oil. Sponsors are looking for fitness models that represent a certain image they already have in mind. Don’t think that just because you look different, that you can’t become a sponsored athlete.


  1. Grow Your Target Audience

Simply stepping on stage or snapping a few Instagram pics won’t get you a real sponsorship. To be blunt, you are literally useless to a sponsor if you don’t already have a target audience. By growing a target audience, you increase the number of eyes viewing the sponsors brand or message.

So how do you grow your audience? A fitness blog can be a cheap and easy starting point. In order to build following, you will need to provide value. Write informative and helpful articles that people actually want to read. Then share these fitness articles to your social media like Facebook or Instagram. Hopefully you already have some followers to give you that initial boost of traffic.


  1. Get Noticed by a Sponsor

The hardest part of becoming a sponsored athlete?  Getting a sponsor’s attention!

When Creating Your Athlete Listing, think about how potential sponsors will receive your message.  Attention to detail is extremely important. How complete is your bio? Did you list your accomplishments?  Do you sound arrogant or over confident? How do your pictures look?  Sponsors will usually decide weather you are a good fit or not within the first 30 seconds. This is your time to sell yourself. Take your time and don’t dismiss the small details.

Sponsors Seeking Athletes Want to Know:

1) Who You Are
2) What You’ve Done
3) When You Did It
4) Where You’re From
5) Why You Should Be Sponsored

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  1. Responding to Sponsorship Offers

Once a sponsor contacts you, take a deep breath and remain calm.  Yes, it’s extremely exciting but sponsors want professionals to represent their brand. Keep your response short and to the point.  Be sure to answer any questions or concerns truthfully, or it could get you fired later down the road. Remember, the sponsors that are contacting you most likely also contacted others. Respond as quickly as possible, letting them know you are serious and motivated. Sponsors don’t want a three-page biography; they want to know how you can generate revenue for their brand.

Be humble!  Don’t dismiss local or smaller companies. Local brands are more likely to know you and your target audience personally. Smaller companies often offer the most to their sponsored athletes!

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